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The Potential For New Beginnings In Your Life & My New Webinars With Mike Dooley

One beautiful morning a few days ago I was out walking near where I live and I heard my name being called. I turned round and there was Angel Hosus. As always he was dressed like an old-fashioned school teacher with a cloak and a funny shaped hat. He told me he had come to join me for a little while to talk about the power of new beginnings.

As we walked Angel Hosus pointed out to me all the new beginnings, the new life that was around: the birds singing AND getting ready to nest, the field with the baby lambs, the new life shooting up through the soil. I love seeing the new leaves pushing their way up through the soil knowing that the green shoots will give way to beautiful yellow daffodils and the broad leaved ones would bloom into tulips. As we walked other angels walked ahead of Angel Hosus and me. These angels wore white and silver robes. I could see their wings faintly and every so often the sun would catch an angels wings and I would see the wings more clearly. Every now and then an angel would stop and touch a flower in the hedgerows  lighting it up. These flowers that were already beautiful, became even more vibrant the clumps of snowdrops were as white as snow, and the crocuses vibrant purple and mauves. 

Springtime is full of signs of new beginnings and Angel Hosus told me I needed to remind you of this; to remind you that every single day is an opportunity for a new beginning in your life. Every second of your life, you have the chance to change things in your life, to choose to start over again.

This day Angel Hosus told me that one of the most important new beginnings a person can make is to decide to start to enjoy life more. Whatever is going on in your life - and I know how tough life can be, my life hasnt been easy - there are always things you can enjoy; like watching the flowers, or taking the time, as I did  this day, to stand and watch the baby lambs playing.

Every day is a new day, and every moment of it  from the time you wake in the morning until the moment you close your eyes to sleep, you can decide to enjoy  it or not. As you read this, give yourself the gift of a new beginning.  Decide to make the choice to enjoy your life.

As we walked Angel Hosus told me that if we would take more time to notice the new life around us, to notice spring bursting forth, that we would start to feel more energised.  We would want to live life to the fullest and enjoy it and we would start to see all of the things that we can do in our lives. We would welcome the challenges that come our way and see them as opportunities to feel good and fulfilled. As we do this our positivity will affect those that we love and those around us in turn.

 As I talked with Angels Hosus I told him that the world needs an uplifting, that people need to see the potential to make new changes and have new beginnings. This is something I keep praying for.

Let me tell you about a new beginning for me.  Im doing a series of webinars with New York Times bestselling author Mike Dooley http://bit.ly/1FSWkqo   (many of you will have read his books or have read about him in the book The Secret, in which he is featured).  His work, particularly on the power of visualisation, has inspired many around the world.

The first time I met Mike Dooley was in a hotel lobby in London. He was surrounded by angels. I dont know how many angels were in the lobby, but it was packed, and all the angels were as excited as I was.  We went into a small conference room to talk and I had to smile - the room was already full of angels.  I wondered how the other angels were going to fit in; but they did.  Mike and I got on like a house on fire. We chatted nonstop, although I was always aware of the angels that were around him trying to distract me. Some of these angels were teacher angels and had pen and paper in their hands, one held a book. Mike had so many questions about angels and about what the angels could tell him about his work and his own life. I was delighted to be able to answer those questions I was allowed to. I felt really happy sitting there talking with him; it was like talking to an old friend I hadnt seen for many years and we were just trying to catch up. I still feel we have a lot of catching up to do.

The angels showed me that Mike is very open, very spiritual and that his heart is always in the right place.  Before we parted we talked about doing more work together, and out of this comes a series of three webinars to help people to learn much more about the angels and how the angels can help them. Mike has given it a name I love: Learn how to use your angels in love and adventure.

Mike is an expert at hosting events like this, so I am really pleased to have him as a teacher.  In the past I have talked about what I see and told the messages that the angels have asked me to give. These webinars will be a little different. In them, with Mike acting as a guide, I will be teaching you how to make better use of the amazing gifts we have been given of angels both guardian angels and other angels that can help you. I will, for the first time ever, be doing live meditations (there will be one in each of the three webinars) and giving you exercises to help you to recognise the angels at work in your life. All the details are here http://bit.ly/1LusPcL

I know that some of you will not be in a position to pay for these webinars so can I just remind you that you can watch a lot of videos free of charge on my YouTube channel  http://bit.ly/1EQwf7w  and there is lots more wisdom from the angels free onwww.lornabyrne.com  and on Facebook http://on.fb.me/1EM23L0

I am really looking forward to these webinars, as I know that not only will everyone learn a lot, with Mike involved there will be a lot of laughter along the way so we will all enjoy them too.  As you will see, the time of these webinars are primarily aimed at an American audience (they start very late for those of us living on this side of the Atlantic). Who knows, perhaps in the future, we will do another similar series, at a time that is easier for us in Europe.

These webinars start with Mike next Thursday 5th March and each will be 90 minutes long. They run for three Thursdays in a row, and then I am off on a tour of the Czech Republic,Slovakia and Hungary, which I am also excited about.

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones, and remember to enjoy today.


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