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Hur är dessa skyddsänglar? Kan ni skriva fakta om dom? Vad gör dom? Vem är dom? Vet lite om dom men vill veta mer och ha kontakt! Skrattar

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The aspirant must have a house secure from observation and interference. In this house there must be an oratory with a window to the East, and a door to the North opening upon a terrace, at the end of which must be a lodge. He must have a Robe, Crown, Wand, Altar, Incense, Anointing Oil, and a Silver Lamen. The terrace and lodge must be strewn with fine sand. He withdraws himself gradually from human intercourse to devote himself more and more to prayer for the space of four months. He must then occupy two months in almost continuous prayer, speaking as little as possible to anybody. At the end of this period he invokes a being described as the Holy Guardian Angel, who appears to him (or to a child employed by him), and who will write in dew upon the Lamen, which is placed upon the Altar. The Oratory is filled with Divine Perfume not of the aspirant's kindling. 

After a period of communion with the Angel, he summons the Four Great Princes of the Daemonic World, and forces them to swear obedience. 

He also explains, in more detail, the general mystical process of the ritual:
The Adept will be free to concentrate his deepest self, that part of him which unconsciously orders his true Will, upon the realization of his Holy Guardian Angel. The absence of his bodily, mental and astral consciousness is indeed cardinal to success, for it is their usurpation of his attention which has made him deaf to his Soul, and his preoccupation with their affairs that has prevented him from perceiving that Soul.

The effect of the Ritual has been to keep them so busy with their own work that they cease to distract him;  to separate them so completely that his soul is stripped of its sheaths;  to arouse in him an enthusiasm so intense as to intoxicate and anesthetize him, that he may not feel and resent the agony of this spiritual vivisection, just as bashful lovers get drunk on the wedding night, in order to brazen out the intensity of shame which so mysteriously coexists with their desire; to concentrate the necessary spiritual forces from every element, and fling them simultaneously into the aspiration towards the Holy Guardian Angel; and to attract the Angel by the vibration of the magical voice which invokes Him. The method of the Ritual is thus manifold.


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jag har skrivit lite om det innan. Kanske den här tråden kan ge lite klarhet


Alis volat propriis Oskyldig

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Tack! Skämtar


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